Discover Norway


Having one of the world’s most spectacular and diverse nature makes Norway a unique place to study language, culture and nature. Discover Norway gives the opportunity to share this unique experience with students from all over the world, just like you.

We invite you to participate in a one year study of Norwegian language, culture and nature. We offer school environment with about 100 Norwegian students, who will enable you to practice language skills 24/7. These are students studying diverse subjects as watersports, hiking, traveling, kickboxing, gymnastics, music, theatre and other activities. In our electives you will have the opportunity to take part in all of the above and more.

As a part of Discover Norway you will be taken on study tours to beautiful and interesting destinations all over Norway. You will be able to take part in dog sledging under the northern lights, surrounded by wildlife in the vast wilderness, handcrafting, mountain hiking, snow-racing and other ‘typical’ seasonal Norwegian activities.

The school is located less than two hours south of Oslo  in the scenic and historical coastal town of Stavern. The town is ranked as the most popular Norwegian holiday destination many years in a row. Having the open ocean a few meters from our facilities enables heaps of opportunities.

Discover Norway is the class for anyone who has an interest, or even fascination for Norway and Scandinavia. It might also be of interest to those who have Norwegian ancestors and want to learn more about their heritage.

If you have one Norwegian parent, but have lived most of your life outside of Norway, you might find this class particularly interesting. If that is the case, you will also be entitled to a considerable scholarship from the Norwegian government (Statens Lånekasse).


If you ask me why I chose Stavern, I will tell you that I was googling to find a Norwegian course. But if you ask me how I feel about Stavern folkehøyskole and the Norwegian Class, I will tell you that I got the best memories in my life there. These are memories that will stay with me forever. The scenery close to both sea and forest gives you opportunities to enjoy beautiful nature whenever you want to. I also was able to do skiing and skating close to the school. Our study tour was really exciting; I saw many of the most exciting views in Norway, in the mountains, in Bergen and on the Pulpit Rock.

I also explored two Scandinavian capitols; Stockholm and of course Oslo. My biggest achievement was that I learned Norwegian well enough to get me a job in a Norwegian programming company. It is impossible to describe how I loved my school year in Norway, so I will just finish by saying that I always will hold Stavern folkehøyskole near to my heart.

Nhut, Vietnam

It is hard to find words that can describe how fantastic and varied my school at Stavern folkehøyskole was. During this year I have not only become fluent in Norwegian language, but I also learned a lot about the country’s culture and history. And I also got the chance to meet a lot of great teachers and fellow students, some of whom will be lifelong friends. The skiing in Hemsedal was one of the highlights. Our studytour to the West Coast was another. The students diverse cultural background gave me a first hand knowledge about cultural differences. My year at Stavern folkehøyskole also gave me lots of fond memories that will be with me forever. I could never have wished for a better school year.

Finja, Germany

Study trips

Our study tours will include:

  • 2-3 days in Oslo
  • 2 weeks tour to the West Coast
  • 4-5 days tour to Stockholm
  • Other destinations of your choice
  • Different oneday excursions


The class curriculum includes:


  • Norwegian culture and history
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Norwegian Handcrafts
  • Study tour to the biggest cities
  • Study tour in Norway
  • Norwegian winter activities: skiing and snowboarding in the mountain
  • We can also give help in the Norwegian language


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Johan Sandstad
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